Investment Focus

Grumman Hill managed private equity funds in the 1980ís and 1990ís. Today we are a family office group with nearly a quarter century of professional investment and operational expertise. We invest our capital directly and are also backed by other high net worth families and individuals. This approach provides us with a longer-term perspective than traditional private equity firms as well as greater transparency and flexibility. Other key investment criteria can be summarized as follows:
  • We invest on an individual deal by deal basis.
  • Typical investments range from $2 million in equity to $20 million for up to 50% of a companyís shares.
  • Target companies earn over $1M in EBITDA; however we occasionally participate in venture deals with experienced management, in highly scalable/high growth businesses.
  • Our focus is value creation in the traditional sense; we do not require leverage or other techniques in order to produce returns.

Once we choose to invest in a firm we do not become operationally involved in day-to-day management. Instead we participate in board meetings and typically provide advice and support to our CEOs on a regular basis. These relationships often extend well beyond the initial company investment.

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